Alicia Pace, LCSW

Alicia has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since June 2016 and has been creating and holding a sacred space to guide others in finding their own path to health and wellbeing since 2012. She has been counseling those with substance use and other addictions, co-occurring disorders, unresolved trauma, anxiety and depression since 2012 and has been practicing Shamanic Healing since 2014.

This practitioner is a good fit for you if:
You are an adult or young adult individual
You are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and/or Empath
You identify with or have experienced Trauma, Grief, & Loss
You experience Emotion regulation issues (Anxiety, Depression)
You identify as LGBTQ
You are interested in exploring Alternative therapies
You are dealing with Addictions in your own life or the life of someone you love
You are a Therapist seeking therapy

Modality & Method
Solution Focused
Shamanic Healing
Motivational Interviewing
Trauma Informed