Heather Davies, LCSW

 Heather Davies, LCSW

It can be difficult to find your center or ground when you feel overwhelmed and alone in your experience. Some of the highly intuitive people I work with were told repeatedly by others that they are “too sensitive” and spent most of their lives feeling different and outside the “norm.” Many have amazing innate gifts that were silenced and hidden under layers of fear and shame heaped upon them by a dominant culture that is largely disconnected from the natural flow of Life.

Our work together may feel a bit like an archaeological “soul dig” as we use symbol, myth, and embodied creative process to unearth pieces of yourself buried beneath the stories of your life’s journey.

In reclaiming these hidden gems and learning how to best care for your personal energetic resources, you will find a renewed sense of wholeness to fuel a thriving life in the present. I would be honored to accompany you as you discover that which is longing to return home.

Individuals and issues with whom I typically work well include:

  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer-identified individuals
  • FtM, transman, genderqueer, gender bender/blender-identified folks
  • Intuitive empaths/ “highly sensitive people (HSPs)”
  • Creative process
  • Trauma – particularly sexual violence & childhood abuse
  • Shamanists (shamanic journeying, soul retrievals, and extractions available)

Session times are available Monday through Thursday, with a limited number of evening appointments. My fee is $120 per session and, while I do not take insurance, I will provide you with a detailed receipt of services at the end of each session that may be submitted to an insurance company by you for out-of-network compensation.

Additionally, I offer periodic workshops throughout the year aimed at engaging the playful self in the creative process through movement, journaling, and creative expression. For upcoming dates and info on these, please check out the “Creativity Circle” tab under the “Events” section.

I am also a Board-approved LCSW Supervisor in the state of Texas and offer individual and group supervision options.

For more detailed info on any of the above services, please see my personal website at www.phoenixthrivingaustin.com

Heather Davies, LCSW
3400 Kerbey Lane, Box 55
Austin, TX 78703
(512) 560-7294