What is Reiki?
Reiki is a bio-energy technique used for drawing energy into the practitioners body which is then transferred into the client. It is believed to have originated in Tibetan Monasteries as a method of spiritual development and self healing. Reiki has grown over the years as a technique for sharing these healing energies with oneself and others.  The energy is safe and non-invasive, as you only use a light touch on the body or just above the body to transfer the energy.

Who can benefit from a Reiki treatment?
Anyone! Reiki may reduce stress and increase relaxation as well as complement other medical treatments such as chemotherapy, recovery from surgery, even psychotherapy. Many people myself included, use Reiki to sustain overall health and well-being.

Reiki may provide relief from Depression or anxiety, tension or stress, physical/emotional trauma or chronic pain.

Catherine Ranum is a Licensed Professional Counselor and  Reiki Master practicing in the Austin area. I work with a variety of clients with differing needs.   Some come in with physical issues they would like to address and others with emotional or relationship concerns.  I combine my empathic and intuitive nature with a solid foundation in
transpersonal and somatic psychology and counseling theory.  My goal as your counselor is to meet you where you are and move forward from there. Wellness in your whole being is what I strive for and I hope to inspire the inner healer in you.